Training Services By Kim

To schedule service Please call 504-269-9711 or send us an email at

Walk & Train - 30 minute or 1 hour customizable training sessions. Basic skills taught are leash walking, proper greeting of other people and animals, sit, wait, and leave it. Can include a visit to the local dog park for socialization (important for puppies)

Bathe & Train - Bring your dog for a 30 minute or 1 hour training session here at Petcetera and take your puppy home fresh and clean. While your canine companion is here our trainer will work on basic obedience and good behavior in social settings (how to politely greet other humans or dogs without jumping up or being timid, focus on the sit, wait, and stay command)

Home Training - One hour in home sessions that focus on basic obedience skills such as sit, stay, come, and place 

Home Training Packages - 6 week package (discounted) where the trainer will come to your home once a week to work with you an/or your dog. *Requires Consultation with the owner to create a training plan and goals

Group Classes - Meet once a week for 6 weeks

--- Puppy Class - Begin working on stationary attention and name recognition, loose leash walking, and basic commands. includes puppy playtime where your pup will learn how to socialize with other dogs

--- Basic Obedience 1

--- Basic Obedience 2

--- Leash Walking

Monthly Target Training - Group training on specific commands

*All Training is customized for the dog and owner through a consultation (typically a free 30 minute assessment)