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Himalayan Dog Chew

barkCHEW Water Buffalo

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Himalayan Dog Chew barkCHEW Water Buffalo is a soft density chew, registering a 2 on our Chewmeter, great for easy-going chewers of any age or size. These soft chews are made with all-natural, nutrient-dense ingredients providing your dog with the chewy texture dogs crave.

In two unique, flavorful combinations of barkCHEW turmeric (with coconut & cheese) and barkCHEW water buffalo meat (with cheese).

Advice for use

  • Give as reward or treat
  • Supervise pets when giving them any treat
  • Best for dogs over 12 weeks old
  • Not for human consumption
  • Chews will last longer if kept in a cool and dry place (do not refrigerate)
  • Wash hands after handling products with dog drool
  • Remove treat if a potential hazard presents itself