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Catit Creamy Cat Treat

Catit Creamy Cat Treat

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All-natural hydrating cat treats full of flavor

Catit Creamy is a flavorful lickable cat treat that’s rich in taurine and contains only healthy, natural ingredients. Being low in calories and wonderfully hydrating, Catit Creamy is the perfect cat treat to spoil your feline with.

Flavorful low-calorie cat treat that helps hydrate your cat

Catit Creamy is a low-calorie lickable cat treat, named after its delightfully creamy consistency. The hydrating cat treats are contained in convenient tubes that make up the perfect serving size. 

Since Catit Creamy cat treats are hydrating and low in calories, you can treat your cat to multiple servings a day. Your feline friend love you for it.

All-natural cat treats with healthy ingredients, including essential taurine

Have your cat enjoy a lickable treat that contains only the finest and freshest natural ingredients, as well as a dash of essential taurine. Thanks to its excellent nutritious makeup, Catit Creamy can be enjoyed by cats of all life stages. The treats don’t include any by-products, artificial flavors, additives or preservatives. In addition, Catit Creamy is entirely free of high-carb grains, and all the tuna included in the treats was caught in a dolphin-friendly way.

Countless serving options for an optimal experience

Catit Creamy allows for many different serving options, which is perfect for fussy cats and creative cat parents who like to switch things up. Get inspired by the options and unique Catit Creamy accessories below.

Freeze Creamy to make ice pops for cats

Apply Creamy as a topper for your cat’s dry food

Disguise the bad taste of medicine

Serve on a special dish

Freeze Creamy into ice bonbons

Serve on a feeding mat

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