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Custom Pet Portrait 18" x 24" (Acrylic on Canvas) By Lillian
Custom Pet Portrait 18" x 24" (Acrylic on Canvas) By Lillian

Custom Pet Portrait 18" x 24" (Acrylic on Canvas) By Lillian

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Custom Pet Portrait - this portrait is of a single pet in acrylic on 18"x 24" canvas panting additional pet can be added to this option for an additional charge of 100.00 per pet

in order to book appointment with the artist we require full payment at time of booking. Once order is completed we will have our artist contact  you for details of your commissioned piece. once you and the artist has agreed to design and she has agreed to began the process of creating the work  petcetera will contact you to confirm your commission order. your deposit is refundable 100% percent up into this point

Any cancelation of order after the order conformation has been completed by petcetera will be based on the status of the completion of the work.

About the Artist:

Lillian Aquinaga is a painter who lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana. She grew up in Memphis, TN and began her artistic Studies at a young age. She was awarded a full tuition art scholarship to the university of Memphis where she studied painting. After relocating to Lafayette, La in 2017, she continued her pursuit of visual arts and a Memphis pound in 2011 she began painting commissioned pet Portraits.

About the Paintings:

Each portrait is handmade from start to finish. Lillian used professional grade acrylics on high quality canvas, which is stretched across sturdy wooden frames. The painting has a 1 1/4" profile which is finished with a coat of paint to match the background, making it ready to hang and enjoy.

About the Process:

You will be asked to submit a main photo of your pet for the painting to be based on, along with extra photos for Lillian to use as reference. Lillian will contact you for information regarding your pet's personality, which will aid in the painting process. From there your painting will be completed in 4-6 weeks, depending on canvas size, number of pets, quality of reference photos provided, and added custom material, and the artist's current order queue. If you need your painting sooner, we offer a rush order fee of 10% of the portrait price.

To request more information or if you would like to contact the artist, please email us. Please supply a digital photo copy of the photo you would like made into your custom portrait, along with your contact information.

To contact us


Mail: Petcetera NOLA - 3205 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70115

Common Q&A

Q - What do I need to create a portrait?

A- A clear, good-quality photo that shows off your pet's personality is best to work from. Better photos usually translate into the best paintings. If you have multiple pets in your painting, subjects can be combined from separate photographs. Just make sure the perspective in each pet's photo is similar. Here are some tips on getting a good photo of your pet:

1. Photograph your pet at his/her eye level by sitting on the floor or lying on your belly.
2. Use natural lighting either outside or indoors by the light of a window and avoid flash.
4. It helps to have someone attract your pet’s attention behind you while you take the photo. You may also try making a high-pitched noise to get your pet's attention. Use a treat and hold it right above the camera to get your pet to focus at the camera.

Q - Are these portraits handmade?

All paintings are handmade, sketched, and painted, making them 100% original. The paintings are made with cotton canvas, which is stretched around sturdy wooden frames, and painted with professional grade acrylics. We use only high quality materials to ensure the longevity of your pet portrait.

Q-  how long will it take to be completed normal and holiday or busy time

A - Your painting will be completed in about 6 - 8 weeks, depending on the size, number of pets, the quality of photos you provide, customizations, and our current order queue. During gift giving seasons, our orders increase substantially, and additional weeks are required to complete an order so that we can maintain our standards of quality.