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Grooming Department

Services (Grooming or Bath service with Color For Dark hair Cats)

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 New Service Coming Soon......

Pricing starts at 45.00 per 30 min + the cost of your groom or bath 

Color for dark hair Cats 

Considering how sensitive a cat’s sense of smell is and to prevent skin irritation, we adjust and improve our formula for OPAWZ Lightening Cream as follows:

  • Ammonia-Free
  • Rich In Natural Vegetable Oil
  • Mild promoter maintaining a healthy coat even after second time lightning

Creative Grooming Using OPAWZ Lightening Cream

Before we get into how best to use OPAWZ Lightening Cream we would like to share some of our beloved groomers' inspirational works with you. Here's how they color a black cat with OPAWZ lightning cream.