CROWN BED | Petcetera NOLA.
CROWN BED | Petcetera NOLA.


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Enjoy the calming and rejuvenating blue-green of this dog and cat bed while giving your companion the royal treatment. Nandog’s signature crown shape makes this dog and cat bed regal. Microfiber material gives supreme comfort to your dog or cat while the lush teal surrounds them in the colors of the sea. The natural foam bedding will make a lush den.

The color alone will make the dog and cat bed a centerpiece in any room. This stylish and unique dog and cat bed provide the softest and most inviting space for your pet while it adds beauty to all that surrounds it.


  • A unique and fun dog and cat bed design in a teal crown shape.
  • Soft and cuddly micro plush fabric material
  • Great snuggle companion!  
  • Filled with natural foam structure
  • The Queen/King of the house deserves its throne

Sizing Approximately

  • 20"x 15"

Advice: Please remove all labels/tags before giving them to your pet.