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Clean and protect your pets' ears with Miracle Care R-7 Ear Care Step 1 for Dogs & Cats. Use this remedy before cleaning to cleanse the ear of excess hair that could contain bacteria, and make cleaning easier! It's ideal for dogs and cats, to keep their ears clean and odor-free, and to protect the fur babies you love. Plus, it's safe and effective for all breeds and coat types, so it's perfect for multi-pet homes. It's recommended for use as a grooming aid at least once a week to help keep ears clean and reduce odor. Safely apply freely to the ear before or after bathing or swimming, too!

Key Benefits
  • This solution's antimicrobial properties kills bacteria and is meant to be used before cleaning.
  • Powder formulated to remove excess moisture and bacteria to gently cleanse the ears before deep cleaning.
  • Greatly reduces odor and helps to remove dirt and other substances from ear canal.
  • Reduces waxy build up and keeps ears dry, to protect your fur baby's ears.
  • Perfect as a grooming aid to be used at least once a week to help keep the ears clean and reduce odor.

Hazards to Humans and Animals: Keep out of reach of children and pets. For topical use on animals only. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Contact a veterinarian if irritations continues or if an allergic reaction is suspected.