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Ergonomic Dog Demat Rake 10 Blade

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Our Master Grooming Tools™ Ergonomic Dematting Tools were designed by groomers specifically to increase comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive motion injury.
  • The Rake-Style Tool features 10 razor-sharp hardened stainless steel blades to tackle unmanageable mats and tough tangles quickly and efficiently while maintaining coat length.
  • The Comb-Style Tools are available in two models, one with 9 blades and one with 12 blades. The 12-blade comb style is smaller, with closer teeth spacing for tighter mats and/or smaller dogs.
The innovative pistol grip handle keeps your hand in a natural position to reduce fatigue. The ribbed, non-slip rubber coating provides greater control for safe, effective mat removal with minimal effort. Double-bonded handles will not come off.  Lifetime guarantee.

Material: Hardened steel teeth; Handle is covered with ribbed rubber
  • The 10-blade Rake measures 6 3/4", blades are 2" and set 3/16"
  • The 9-blade Comb measures 6 7/8", blades are 2" and set 3/8"
  • The 12-blade Comb measures 6 5/8", blades are 1 3/8" and set 2/8"