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Felted Cat Cave*.

Felted Cat Cave

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Our hand crafted, felted wool cat caves are sourced and made in Nepal by local artisans at a fair trade facility.

Felting is a simple, centuries old process that uses heat, moisture, and agitation to create a soft, yet strong water and dirt-resistant
wool material. Renewable, naturally breathable, and insulating, the same properties that make wool cozy and warm during the winter months help maintain your pet’s body temperature and minimize odor during hot summer months as well. All natural wool is even safe if your pet chews or swallows it.

Let cats make themselves right at home with artfully made caves as attractive to your eye as they are to your pet!

Super easy care instructions: Remove pet hair with a vacuum (upholstery attachment) or a damp cloth (using a circular wiping motion). Spot treat dirt or spills using a cloth with mild soap and water or diluted vinegar. In the event that your pet takes a nap on the pet bed after frolicking in a mud puddle or has an... um... big accident, remove solids, soak in cold water with mild soap, roll in a bath towel to absorb water and let dry in the sun or in a warm, dry room. Just remember- if sheep can get clean, so can your pet bed!