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Grr-Nola Blueberry Bars.

Grr-Nola Blueberry Bars

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A new twist on our most wholesome recipe.  Inside you will find whole blueberries and peanut pieces.  The outside is coated with yogurt and topped with dried bananas, cranberries, coconut flakes, and finished with a delicious drizzle.  They look so delicious you'll be tempted to eat them yourself!  Each treat is 4.75" x 2.5" and 5/8" thick!

Shelf life is 9 months at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.

We only bake treats that we feel good about giving to our own furry companions.  Our gourmet dog treats are made by hand with superior human-grade food ingredients; no preservatives, no corn, no soy, and no fillers. Our grains are grown domestically and are GMO free!  All of our treats (except for one) are wheat free, ensuring a high quality treat for our friends with wheat intolerance.  While there is no specific measurement for one key ingredient, rest assured that each batch is made with love!