How to support your local small business

How to support your local small business

Buy gift cards — Buying gift cards gives a small business a cash infusion now to make it through hard times. It is essentially a no-interest loan from your favorite Business.

Shop early — If you’re in a financial position to do so, go ahead and do your shopping now that you would wait for a few months do. Support the business early for birthdays, or Christmas

Share business information — We each have our own in-person and virtual communities of influence and now is the time to utilize them. My neighborhood’s Facebook page has become a beacon of support for people calling out their favorite small businesses in town to support, many of which I was unaware existed. Tell your friends, colleagues, family and neighbors who to support and be vocal about it.

Leave a positive review online — We’ve all used Google, Yelp, Facebook, Nextdoor Neighbor and other review services to get needed information on a small business. These reviews have incredibly valuable impacts on a business. Take a few minutes and leave your favorite small businesses a positive review.

Say thanks — Tell a small business owner thank you. Write a card, order flowers or order food. The stress and obligation these owners feel to provide for their employees is palpable. Simply saying thank you goes a long way to brightening someone’s day.

Bottom line

If you are in a position to support a small business, please do what you can to help these men and women who are the backbone of our economy. We wish all our small business owners and employees the best during these difficult times.

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