Petcetera NOLA Pet Salon Policies


We ask that you please have all dogs on a leash when entering and exiting the salon. This is to ensure the safety of your pet and others. Cats need to be in a carrier for safe transport to and from the salon. 



It is recommended that your pet maintain a regular grooming schedule. Regular grooming with your professional pet groomer, promotes healthy skin and coat; and it allows for the early detection of physical or mental changes with your pet(s). Those changes will be noted and a vet referral may be recommended. Groomers are not allowed to diagnose or give out medical treatment plans.
Appointments are generally taken between 8:00am-3:00pm, but in some cases you may be able to book a later appointment. Appointments after 3:30pm need to be verified with the groomer. The grooming process typically takes 2-3 hours on most pets, but remember that things like matting or other circumstances may cause your groom to take longer.


The groomer will attempt to contact you if you have failed to arrive for your appointment to make arrangements if available same day, Failure to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours will result in a 10.00 No show fee on your account and will be applied to your next sale. services requiring a deposit is excluded from this policy.  This policy only applies to Basic services and Specialty Services that no deposit was paid at booking. 

Services that require deposit, see product description for details. 


Due to limited space, a boarding fee will be assessed to the cost of the groom if your pet has not been picked up within 90 min of the call saying their pet is ready.



There are also times when mat burns show after they are shaved out. This is not caused by the groomer being careless, but the severity of the mats. We will always do an inspection of your pet upon arrival and in the bathtub. Your groomer will notify you of anything they find during those. Should any cuts occur during the grooming process, we will notify you and advise you on how to treat these. Injuries caused due to the condition of the pet’s matting is NOT the responsibility of Petcetera NOLA  and any vet costs due to these are at the expense of the pet’s owner/guardian.


There is always the possibility of cuts, nicks, or burns during the grooming process. Some pets are harder to handle than others and accidents can occur. If negligence is apparent, Petcetera NOLA staff is to immediately stop the grooming process, contact the pet(s) owner, and take the animal to the nearest animal hospital available to have the pet treated.


For the safety of everyone involved, we require all pet visitors to be under veterinary care and vaccinated with the following vaccines. Although we would prefer your pet to have all vaccinations, we require Rabies and Bordetella for all groom/bath pets.


Rabies (ra⋅bies)

Why? It’s a deadly viral disease 

typically spread through bites. 

It is required by the state of Louisiana.


Distemper (dis⋅tem⋅per)

Why? It’s a viral illness with no known cure.

Spreads through direct or indirect contact.


Parvovirus (par⋅vo⋅vi⋅rus)

Why? It’s an extremely tenacious viral disease. 

Spread through oral contact 

with infected feces.


Bordetella (bor⋅de⋅tel⋅la)

Why? Also known as kennel cough, 

it is a respiratory disease. Spread to dogs 

kept in close proximity to one another.



  1. Permission is given to Petcetera NOLA and staff to verify information such as vaccinations; also to obtain medical attention for your pet thru local veterinary Clinic(s) in the event of an emergency.

  2. Permission is given to Petcetera NOLA and staff to proceed with grooming of animal(s) within their scope of expertise. If a pet is too stressed, aggressive, reactive, or unable to tolerate grooming due to a physical, mental, or emotional limitation, we will not be able to perform the service at that time. Owners will be called to pick up the pet at no charge.

  3. Permission is given to Petcetera NOLA and staff to take photos of your pet during the grooming process. Photos may be posted on the Petcetera NOLA website, Facebook, Google, and other forms of social media sites/platforms.


Thank you for your support and patronage,

Petcetera NOLA Crew