Groomer's Ethical Code:

Grooming and Spa Services:

At Petcetera, we do our best to provide quality services to our clientele and to build a trusting and positive relationship with their pets. We want your pets to look forward to their day of beauty, and we want you to be proud of how they look when they leave the store. We ask that you provide your groomer with a detailed explanation of how you would like your pet's fur to be cut. If you have a picture of a style that you have in mind, please bring it with you and present it at the time of consultation. While we cannot always duplicate the look in the photo, we will try to achieve a look that is as similar get as possible. We appreciate customer feedback, so please feel free to give your groomer feedback on the groom when you pick your pet up from their appointment.

As a Pet Grooming Professional, I Promise...
  1. To make the top most priority of my work the welfare, health, and safety of the animals under my care at all times. 
  2. To treat the pets in my care at all times with vigilance, kindness, patience, and respect as though they were my own.
  3. To conduct my business with honesty and integrity toward my customers and their pets. I shall demonstrate respect toward other grooming and pet care professionals well as displaying it through my own example.
  4. To continue to seek knowledge and resources that will contribute to my skills and will increase my ability to care for my clients and their pets.
  5. To contribute when and how I am able, to the growth and improvement of the pet grooming profession.
  6. To offer other pet groomers, whenever possible, the human support and encouragement that we need to feel a part of this professional community.
  7. To provide education to my customers and to the public on proper grooming care and technique in order to enrich the lives of their pets.
  8. To treat all others as I would like them to treat me.
  9. To listen to client needs and goals, and recommend the services that best suit these.
  10. To fulfill my service obligations to Petcetera and my clients and go above and beyond when the opportunity presents itself.