Pet Pickup & Drop Off Service

Too hard to work a grooming into your schedule? Let our associates assist you! Pickup and drop-off services for your grooming appointments are now available.

  • Pickup & drop off service is currently available Tuesday-Saturday for grooming and bathing appointments.
  • Pickup & drop off services are available to customers in the service area (St. Charles Ave. & Tchoupitoulas St. and between the areas of General Taylor St. and First St.) or call 504-869-8711 for availability in other areas.
  • General pickup times are from 9 am - 2 pm and drop off times are between 2 pm - 6 pm. Specific times can be arranged by calling the store.
  • Charge is $10.00 each way with an additional $5.00 fee per dog.

How the Pickup & Drop off service works

  1. Schedule your appointment by calling Petcetera and state that you'd like a Pick-up and/or Drop-off.
  2. Fill out the Pick-up & Drop-off waiver online and sign electronically, or print and sign the waiver and give it to the representative when your pet is picked up.
  3. Someone must be home at the scheduled time to greet our pickup representative.
  4. The groomer will call you to get information about the groom and to answer any of your questions. Please answer your phone!
  5. Once your pet has been groomed or bathed, a Petcetera representative will contact you to finalize the payment. Payments must be made by phone before your pet is dropped off.
  6. Please keep in mind that someone MUST be home to meet the drop off representative when they return your pet. While we understand that delays sometimes occur, an extra charge will be incurred if our representative is required to stay past the allotted time.


Pickup/Drop off Time Changes and Full Cancellations:
If your Pickup or Drop off time happens to change, or you need to cancel, please call us immediately.
 No refunds will be given to changes made within two hours of the appointment time. 
Liability and bonding insurance – All of our pet sitters are covered under a comprehensive pet sitters’ insurance policy in the case of negligence on their part for anything in their “care, custody, and control,” including everything in your home and your pets. They are also covered under a Bonding policy in case of theft. Our coverage limits are the maximum allowed by our group insurance company, and we have never made a claim on our insurance.