Subscription Service

Shop this convenient dog and cat pet supplies subscription service today!

Subscribe to Petcetera’s pet supplies subscription service program to receive regular orders of pet nutrition, pest control, vitamins, supplements and other supplies necessary to promote their health and well-being. Petcetera’s Repeat subscription service now includes nearly all your pet supplies including top food and treats! Experience how a regular dog or cat food service and other pet supply shipments help you conveniently take care of your furry family members.

With our subscription service always have your order paid and ready for pickup when you want it. You can stop in and shop for that special gift for your pup or call in advance and have one of our staff members meet you at your car with our convenient curb side and in store pickup service.

Or you can save time and money by setting up regular pet supplies and dog food delivery. Instead of making that last-minute trip to the store, a consistent pet food delivery service can leave you with more time to spend playing and bonding with your pet. This cat and dog food delivery service provides convenient shipments right to your doorstep, saving you time and hassle lugging bulky bags or heavy cases of food from the store. With this repeated pet supply delivery service, you will receive your supplies on a regular schedule that you can set and modify easily. You'll receive timely messages letting you know when your next order is about to ship, and enjoy the convenience of having them delivered to your front door – all with low prices and free shipping.

With Petcetera’s Repeat Delivery, you are guaranteed to receive pet food and supplies as well as free shipping on all Repeat Delivery orders and add-ons. You will be invoiced 2 weeks prior for you subscription Service. 

Choose your own delivery schedule. Never run out!                                    

Getting food delivered saves you time, sweat and MONEY!                     

Easily change products or reschedule your order.                                      

You can cancel at any time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How dose Subscription services work?

get pet supplies with our subscription service and or delivered with repeat Delivery for added convenience.  

It's easy to subscribe!

  • shop eligible supplies or pet food online at petcetera
  • Set your schedule 

How can i figure out how often i should use the pet food delivery service?

we recommend estimating how much your cat or dog eats per day (4 cups of kibble = approximately 1 pound) and multiply by 7 to find out how much they eat every week.  Adjust the frequency of your cat or dog food repeat delivery any time, if needed. 

Can I add-on items to my subscription? 

Yes! Subscription and Repeat Delivery subscribers can add additional items to all Orders. Please email or call us with your add-on items 48 hours before your scheduled Repeat Delivery to allow us time to insure your order is correct. 


Can I change how often i get my subscription order?

Yes! Please contact the store at 504-269-8711 or email us at we will be happy to adjust your schedule anytime. 


Can I change the items in my repeat Delivery Subscription? 

Yes!  You can add one-time items to your subscription and they will ship with your Repeat Delivery order. to add a new item to your subscription for a onetime addition or permanently you can contact us by phone 504-269-8711 or email us at 


I've moved! how do i update my repeat delivery subscription? 

to change your address, you can contact us by phone 504-269-8711 or email us at 


Why did the price of the item in my Repeat Delivery Subscription change?

Pricing may change due to business reasons but Repeat Delivery pricing always reflects our lowest pricing 


What dose it mean if my Subscription is inactive?

Your subscription can be made inactive if we encounter a problem fulfilling your scheduled order. we will contact you by phone and email to inform you of any issues regarding your subscription and or Delivery subscription. Please respond promptly to ensure your payment and shipping information is correct to avoid any delays of delivery of your order.  You can contact us by phone 504-269-8711 or email us at 


What happens if the item I've scheduled for delivery is out of stock? 

We'll send you an email to notify you that your items isn't available as well as any information we have on the availability and expected arrival.