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Bath for Cats*.

Bath for Cats

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Bath and Brush Only

Please note: When booking your appointment the times are provided to ensure that your pet enters into a rotation of other pets in various degrees of the grooming process. Our average time for pets from arrival to completion of services is two to three hours. As to the unpredictable nature of our pets, there needs, and responses to others in our care for the day we often have to make adjustments in this process to ensure the well being of each pet in our care.

With cats, we take great care in the entry into this rotation to not add any additional stress into the already stressful grooming process. we recommend cats be scheduled as one of the first appointments in the day, if a later time is needed please be advised that the grooming process might be delayed depending on the pets already in the grooming rotation

For Short & Long Haired Cats:

-Bath with all-natural shampoo
-Hand blow-dry
-Brush-out/comb out
-Nail clipping
-Ear cleaning

The price for this service starts at $55

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