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Basic Dog Service (Grooming or bath with De-Shedding)

Basic Dog Service (Grooming or bath with De-Shedding)

 Starting at $15.00 + the cost of your groom or bath

The quickest way to get rid of all that fur is to get your dog groomed to a very short puppy cut, especially in the springtime when dogs lose their winter coats. A lot of dog owners don’t like the look of their dog when completely shaved down and some breeds don’t tolerate that. At Petcetera NOLA offer a de-shedding package as an add-on to our grooming and bathing services.

What we do:

- A doggy bath with all-natural de-shedding agents in the shampoo and conditioner to loosen the shedding fur, especially in very thick coats.
- High velocity, attended, cool-air blowing to loosen excess fur
Brushing, brushing, and more brushing with special brushes designed to get in and remove most of that loose fur (it’s hard work, please consider a generous tip for your service provider)
- More blowing and brushing and blowing and brushing.

What to Expect

Don’t expect a shedding-free dog when you pick up your pup. Sometimes, the process itself takes a few days to loosen the remaining fur so you will likely find fur around and the fur/fur that does loosen will be easily removed with a simple brush. Some dogs are always shedding and our process reduces it drastically, especially at first, but it will continue and worsen with time. Some pet parents report their dog sheds less with regular grooming and de-shedding services. Dogs that shed a lot should see us at Petcetera NOLA every 4-6 weeks at first, for best results. Then 8-10 weeks as needed. In any case, when you run your fingers through your dog’s fur, it will be noticeably and obviously thinner. No large clumps of fur should come out after the service is complete.

Why Do Dogs Shed?

Many breeds of dogs naturally lose old or damaged fur by shedding. It is a normal process for dogs but the amount and frequency of fur that is shed depend upon their health and breed type. Dogs also develop thick coats in the cold seasons and then shed them in the spring. Dogs who are always kept indoors, however, are prone to smaller fluctuations in coat thickness and tend to shed fairly evenly all year.

If your appointment is scheduled before store hours, please ring the bell at the front door for assistance

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