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Basic Cat Service (Grooming for Cats)

Basic Cat Service (Grooming for Cats)

Available only Monday - Saturday 
Cost Starting at 95.00

For the health and well-being of the cat, we request that you schedule your cat's bath or grooming appointment between the hours of 8 am to 10 am however we will accept appointments throughout the day. This allows us to complete your cat's appointment while the number of other pets is low within the grooming area. In addition to reducing the stress on your cat making it is easier to complete the service. 

NOTE: if your cat is stressed to the point where your pet or our staff are in danger of getting injured, we will contact you to inform you of the issues. we will offer a suggestion on how best to proceed based on the reaction of your pet to the grooming process and what we feel is safest for your pet and our staff. 

While it might sound frivolous, professional cat grooming can cut down on mats and shedding, jump-start healthy hair growth and provide respite from summertime heat. Cat haircuts can lend your cat a splash of style and help her stand out from a run-of-the-mill tabby.

When booking your appointment the times are provided to ensure that your pet enters into a rotation of other pets in various degrees of the grooming process. Our average time for pets from arrival to completion of services is two to three hours. As to the unpredictable nature of our pets, their needs, and responses to others in our care for the day we often have to make adjustments in this process to ensure the well-being of each pet in our care.

With cats, we take great care in the entry into this rotation to not add any additional stress to the already stressful grooming process. we recommend cats be scheduled as one of the first appointments in the day, if a later time is needed please be advised that the grooming process might be delayed depending on the pets already in the grooming rotation

Cat grooming style Options

Lynx Cat

The body is shaved. a mane on the neck can be left or it can be shaved to the base of the skull. The throat is shaved up to the chin, with the cheeks left long.

Bobcat Cut

The bobcat is the same as a lynx, but the cheek fur is shorter.

Puss in Boots

can be done with any of the body styles above (depending on how the cat is during grooming).

Boots on the legs can be long pirate boots where the shoulders and front leg is left furry. Tall boots, the front leg is left furry or short boots where the leg is shaved to the first joint above the foot (the ankle).

The rear legs are shaved with the bottom of the leg left furry.

Comb Cut

The comb cut is one of the most basic cuts for cats. A licensed groomer trims the coat down to between 1/2 and 1 inch, which allows your cat to stay relatively warm in colder weather while cutting down on shedding, matting, and hairballs. Besides increasing overall hygiene, the comb cut makes the cat's skin more easily inspected and can thus alert you or your vet to any skin-related health issues more quickly.

Mini or Full Lion Cut

Often given to longhair breeds such as Persians and Maine Coons, the lion cut entails trimming or shaving the cat’s fur except for on her head, neck, feet, and tail. The results can look theatrical, but the lion cut can remove extreme matting and keep your cat cool.

Full lion; all the hair from the shoulders forward is left on.

Mini lion: a mane around the neck cascading down the chest (if possible)

Belly Shave

The belly shave means just what it sounds like. A licensed groomer carefully shaves the hair covering the cat's belly area, including between the cat's rear legs, as well as beneath the tail and around the anus. The belly shave is often given to long-haired cats to remove and prevent mats, and increase hygiene. Because a cat's skin is incredibly sensitive and shaving a cat's fur requires professional training, a belly shave should always be conducted by a groomer.

Hygiene Cut

Primarily designed to keep your cat clean, the hygiene cut is about function, not style. Also called a “sanitary cut” or “sanitary clip,” a hygiene cut refers to when a groomer trims the hair near the cat’s anus to get rid of feces or litter clumps that might get stuck in the fur on the way out of the litter box. The hygiene cut is a practical choice for longhair breeds as well as senior or overweight cats that have trouble cleaning themselves.


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