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Basic Dog Service (Full Service Grooming Small Dog Under 25 LB)

Basic Dog Service (Full Service Grooming Small Dog Under 25 LB)

Starting at $80.00... Priced by Breed

Full Breed list is available on booking page, Please note despite you pets breed your pet might have been assessed to be la larger or smaller dog based on your pets grooming needs. 

Is your little furry friend needing some grooming help? We've got your tail! 

Please note: When booking your appointment the times are provided to ensure that your pet enters into a rotation of other pets in various degrees of the grooming process. Our average time for pets from arrival to completion of services is two to three hours. As to the unpredictable nature of our pets, their needs, and responses to others in our care for the day we often have to make adjustments in this process to ensure the well-being of each pet in our care.

*Please note: Small Dogs are under 25 lbs.

Small Dog Grooming Includes:
- A bath with a hypoallergenic shampoo
- Towel and forced-air dryer with no heating element
- Eye and ear cleaning/plucking
- Nail clipping/grinding
- Trimming of (feet & sanitary areas)
- Styling and cutting of pet's hair desired by the owner or by breed guidelines
- 15 min brush out
- Spritz of cologne
- A bow or bandanna to finish off the look!

If your appointment is scheduled before store hours, please ring the bell at the front door for assistance


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