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Lined Nylon Muzzle

Lined Nylon Muzzle

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Nylon Muzzles for Dogs & Cats 
Our Lined Muzzles are the top choice of handlers, trainers and other professionals. Made from strong nylon fabric with a lining for added comfort.For safety when working or playing with biting and chewing dogs, our Lined Muzzles are the choice of top handlers, trainers and other professionals. 
With a fully adjustable strap and quick-release buckle, each muzzle is crafted in strong nylon fabric, lined with chafe-free inner seams for comfort. Muzzle stays in place on dogs or cats, but it’s a snap for people to remove and replace!Available in Black, Blue or Pink in 9 convenient Sizes 

4.5" Snout - Size 0
5" Snout - Size 1
5.5" Snout - Size 2
7" Snout - Size 3
8" Snout - Size 4
8.25" Snout - Size 5
10.25" Snout - Size 5XL
10.5" Snout - Size 3XL
10.75" Snout - Size 4XL
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