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Meowijuana Feline Express

Meowijuana Feline Express

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Meowijuana Feline Express Catnip Is Organic And Grown In USA. Dried catnip leaves and buds. Not for human consumption. Does not contain Marijuana, THC or DBD's. Just a fun time for your cat. Kittens under a year may not respond.

Key Benefits
  • These handy bottles are packed with premium catnip mixed with valerian root—made without preservatives, pesticides, fillers, or artificial ingredients.
  • Inspiring those infamous zoomies, derps, bleps and kneadies alleviate boredom, release pent-up energy, and may help to prevent destructive behaviors.
  • Hand-trimmed and hand-sifted, this feather-soft, stem-free catnip is a truly natural treat—brought to you by humans as radical as you and your feline friend.
  • 100% organic catnip was tested for quality and effectiveness, so you can feel good about sprinkling these buds in your own home, or purr-haps in the cat tree.
  • Catnip makes a righteous gift for felines of any age or size—yes, even your senior can let loose sometimes.

Not for human consumption. No CBD or THC present in this product.

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