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Doggie Design

Non-Skid Dog Socks - Camo

Non-Skid Dog Socks - Camo

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Our new socks are made with 100% cotton and available in 4 great prints; Argyle, Camo, Pineapple, and Hearts. They are made of a very soft cotton and feature an anti-slip dog sole.

Our socks protect against hot pavement burning. 

  • Soft quality cotton
  • Custom Designs by Doggie Design
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Machine washable (line dry to avoid shrinkage)
  • Protects against Hot Pavement burning

Traction: Grips on slippery surfaces and protects your hardwood floors from nail scratches.

Protection: For dogs with foot injuries, allergies, and sensitive feet

Tips: Clip dog’s claws before wearing. Dogs may prance when first wearing the socks. It helps to distract them with a treat or their favorite toy until they get used to them.


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