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Pork Skin Twist Premium Dog Chews

Pork Skin Twist Premium Dog Chews

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Made from 100% natural walnut shell, Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Cat Litter is for pet parents who manage litter boxes used by three or more cats. This super absorbent, extra odor control formula stamps out odor and helps keep your home smelling fresh. In addition, this all natural, toxin-free formula makes removing multi-cat waste easy by producing tight clumps in as little as 15 minutes – without sticking to the litter box. Our Multi-Cat Cat Litter absorbs three times better than clay litter and is virtually dust-free.

  • Superior odor control - 3 x better absorbent than clay - tighter clumping - virtually dust-free - low tracking - Multi-Cat formula - 100% Natural & sustainable resource
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