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TropiClean Fresh Breath Finger Brushes (2pk)

TropiClean Fresh Breath Finger Brushes (2pk)

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  • These pet finger brushes are ideal for puppies and kittens or aging cats and dogs with sensitive gums.
  • The soft, flexible silicone bristles help get your puppy or kitten comfortable with routine cleanings.
  • Incorporate weekly brushing into your pet's routine to promote good oral health.
  • It’s easy to use—simply add a small amount of toothpaste (sold separately) to the brush and gently brush teeth in a circular motion.
  • Complete your dog’s dental care routine with Fresh Breath brushing gel and water additive drops (each sold separately) for the ultimate defense against plaque, tartar, and bad breath!


Place a small amount of gel onto one of the brushes. Gently brush teeth in a circular motion and repeat as needed.

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