Collection: LaCardo - Dog & Cat Groomer & Color Specialist

Grooming Schedule: Monday - Thursday &  Saturday

LaCardo has been a member of our team since February 2024

For the past decade, laCardo has dedicated himself to the art of grooming, finding profound joy and fulfillment in every aspect of the craft. Over the years, His passion has only deepened, fueling my commitment to excellence and driving my love for grooming to new heights. With each passing year, LaCardo has honed my skills, embraced challenges, and cultivated a deep sense of satisfaction from transforming pets into their best selves through grooming.


The groomer will attempt to contact you if you have failed to arrive for your appointment to make arrangements if available same day, Failure to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours will result in a 10.00 No show fee on your account and will be applied to your next sale. services requiring a deposit is excluded from this policy. 


Due to limited space, a boarding fee will be assessed to the cost of the groom if your pet has not been picked up within 90 min of the call saying their pet is ready.