Collection: Lanise - Dog & Cat Groomer, Lead Color, & Creative Grooming Specialist

Grooming Schedule: Wednesday - Sunday

Lanise has been a member of our team since Feb 2021 

Lanise specializes in creative grooming,  creative grooming is dog grooming that deviates from breed profile grooming and commonly involves artificial coloring. Designs can be created with different color dyes, extensions to the hair, and carving. Some of the more extreme creative designs include turning your dog into another animal, or famous character.

Creative grooming gives professional pet groomers a unique opportunity to be individual and customize their own and their client’s dogs. It has also become popular with pet owners everywhere with many groomers finding that creating a masterpiece for their clients is fun. 

Using safe and pet-friendly products, grooms can be enhanced by adding personal touches to nearly any pet!


The groomer will attempt to contact you if you have failed to arrive for your appointment to make arrangements if available same day, Failure to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours will result in a 10.00 No show fee on your account and will be applied to your next sale. services requiring a deposit is excluded from this policy. 


Due to limited space a day care charge will be assessed to the cost of the groom if the your pet has not been picked up within 90 min of the call saying their pet is ready.